Karen Painter

Karen Painter Image

Tell us a bit about why you decided to join Bellona?

I was thrilled to have gotten an interview with Bellona, I have always been an advocate for women empowerment, working towards equality for women and an activist against GBV. I believe that as women we need build our future and we cannot rely on anyone to help us. The Bellona Women’s Network mission I feel much aligned towards and I am proud to be a part of the mission.

What is the best part about your role?

Communication is very important to this role, which I enjoy, I love to be of assistance and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I am helping build towards building a common goal of women’s equality in South Africa

Tell us about your personal and professional growth while being part of the Bellona team?

As a new member of the Bellona team, I have felt welcomed and comfortable to be myself. I have worked as a freelancer and independently for many years, I appreciate being part of a diverse team that has inspired me to be acceptant my areas of weaknesses and be accountable for working to strengthen those areas. Personally, being taken out of my comfort zone I have grown in areas I didn’t think I would have, which builds my skill base and in turn allows me to help encourage others to do the same.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

I am a mom of 2 boys, so my first priority is to make sure they are cared for, then tackle the tasks and deliverables for the day for various clients, my motto is the juggle is a struggle and the struggle is real, typical mom life but I wouldn’t have it any other way, it is all about balance and doing the best I can to make sure my responsibilities are all in order and taken care of.

Words you live by?

“Kindness is my religion”

I believe in kindness, we live in a world with so much cruelty, one small act of kindness can have a ripple effect and you never know the impact it can have on another person. I was asked once what I hope for people to remember of me when I pass from this plain – I hope that people remember me for being kind.