Goitsemang Mvula

Goitsemang Mvula Content Developer Bellona Women's Network

Tell us about why decided to join Bellona?

Joining Bellona Network as a Content Developer has been and still is a highlight, as it gives insight into the multifaceted side of creating content for different platforms.  Creating multimedia content with such amazing women has been an exciting journey as one has to learn the language all over again. As much as one speaks their home language, she has to learn, either self-taught or at school, how to project it well, if not eloquent.

What is the best part about your role?

As a writer, not everyone has the same script, yet they are in the same cast. That is what Bellona has taught me, that whichever scenery or committee you are in, you must understand what is going on in other scenes. That allows one to communicate the same message that the story or organisation is about.

Tell us about your personal and professional  growth while being part of the Bellona Team?

Being part of Bellona has allowed me to capture the nature of balancing and understanding the difference in the offerings and with the team’s synergy in ensuring that there is synchronicity, especially with working remotely and in uncertain times in our country and the rest of the world. It has personally developed an insight into understanding the psychology of connectedness with the team; innovation, how technology enables us to connect and create; and with empowerment, how being connected enables us to help others through innovation.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

Being a content developer is the same as wearing the hat of a chef, it depends on what is on the menu. Whether social media content needs to be create or or the website needs a blog update, that is decided by the menu.

Words you live by.

“We may start a journey with no batons to carry or pass, but we create them with the strength of our bones. Once they are ready to be birthed, we create our own baton, not only to pass but first honour and nurture the marrow for it not to be easily broken. Not that it cannot be broken but to instill it with the spirit of sunrise for every sunset. Then we can pass the baton” – Goitsemang Mvula