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Mentor Eligibility & What's in it for you

We are looking for women across all walks of life to volunteer their skills and experience as a mentor to our young women
who are rising in their respective industries.

Mentoring can be hugely rewarding for both parties. In addition to utilising your skills and knowledge to help shape the next generation
of leaders, it also enhances your own leadership skills and offers an opportunity to reflect on your own development.


Bellona mentors are


  • Feminists
  • As passionate as we are about women empowerment
  • Able to commit 2 hours a month to the programme
  • Strictly women mentors only

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Mentoring at Bellona

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Based on the nature of Bellona's Mentorship Programme, our commitment to users' protection, and zero tolerance for sexual harassment or misconduct, we may request an official background check on our mentors. Please note that this does not constitute a professional background check.
e.g. Bellona website, Instagram posts, Newsletters, etc. Please note that we always try our best to honour the privacy preferences of our community members and will never sell nor share your personal details to other organisations. In the spirit of connection and community, we may share your basic information with other community members for Bellona-related purposes only, as well as reach out to you should we want to tell you and your mentee's story in our online and offline collaterals.
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Mentorship Agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentor with Bellona. As a Mentor, you will have a rewarding and fulfilling journey. You will have the power to assist a mentee to develop as a leader. The position of Mentor carries with it the responsibility of interacting appropriately with your mentee, according to the highest ethical standards at all times, as outlined in our Mentorship Agreement.


We, the undersigned parties, understand that this agreement is legally binding. We understand that providing false or misleading information in this agreement is an offence in terms of the Skills Development Act (Act 97 of 1998). We agree to the rights and duties stipulated herein:


3.2. The Mentor

The mentor has the responsibility to:

3.2.1. Comply with all directives from time to time given to her by the organisation and with all rules and regulations from time to time laid down by the organisation.

3.2.2. To assess the mentees current skills and ability and identify key strengths and areas which require development.

3.2.3. Be the mentee’s role model and provide mentee with emotional support, guidance, insights and motivation.

3.2.4. Assist mentee with setting goals, exploring ideas and taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals.

3.2.5. Share career experiences, success, failures, skills, knowledge and expertise developed during their own journey.

3.2.6. Prepare for and prioritise mentorship sessions with mentee. Ensure sessions are uninterrupted and devote all his/her attention, time and abilities during hours spent on the mentorship agreement.

3.2.7. Ensure clear communication and active listening during all contact with the mentee.

3.2.8. Provide mentee and the organisation with feedback.


4.1. It is agreed that this mentorship programme will be an annual (12 months period) agreement.


5.1. Any and all intellectual property rights owned and/or used by the mentee and the mentor, from time to time.


This mentorship agreement terminates:

6.1.1. On the termination date which will be 12 months from the date both parties have signed the agreement.

6.1.2. Good cause is shown that the mentor or the mentee should be reallocated.

6.1.3. Any disputes, complaints and termination before the agreed time must be sent to

Your commitment and dedication to your mentee is a profound opportunity and experience. The quality of the relationship you build will directly influence her life and future. By signing this, you are committing to make every effort to maintain professionalism, improve your mentoring skills, and exercise good judgment when engaged in any activity with your mentee. Mentoring is not a universal cure for all the problems/decisions that your mentee is facing. The essence of mentoring is a sustained human relationship: a one-on-one relationship that shows the mentee that she is valued as a person and is important to society.

Privacy and Data Protection

We aim to treat your personal information with the utmost care and comply with GDPR regulations. To read more about how we use your personal information and your rights, please read our full Privacy & Data Protection Policy at
I have read, understood, and agree with Bellona's Privacy & Data Protection Policy, and I give Bellona consent to store and use my personal information accordingly.