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Lift as you rise

We're all about co-creation, one vision and many voices. Here's how you can get involved.
Be a Mentor
  • Structured to your availability
  • Safe online environment
  • Free training provided
  • Free resources
  • Online support
  • Interaction system in place
join us on a podcast
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  • Share your insight, stories, and knowledge with the young women of our continent
  • Find out what our women need to hear from you and pass down the toolset to equip them
  • 20 minutes of your time, making an actionable difference in our network
  • Activating a ripple affect of empowerment
  • Real stories, and experiences
  • Tackling grass-root matters together
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Sponsor a podcast
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  • Podcast sponsorships are open to individuals, companies, and organisations
  • If you relate to our values we would love to partner with you and grow our mutual network
  • Featured in the beginning and/or end of the podcast to share your value proposition
  • Join us for a topical series or individual podcasts that sit clsoe to your heart

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Write an article
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  • Lift as you rise by sharing your story with others. We're here to build an African Sorority
  • 2 - 15 minute reads of insight from one reader to another
  • Be featured on our blog and social media platforms
  • A safe space to join like-minded women and form a winning network that shares and builds one another up
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Your work remains yours.

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Feature your empowerment network on our platform
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  • Bellona is not just another network. We are here to bring us all together and benefit the women we seek to empower
  • Feature on our community page to help users find useful networks in their area
  • Collaborate and grow together
  • Find the women most in need of your help
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Catching ideas?
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  • Have something in mind that we haven't thought of? We'd love to hear from you
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Donate to our cause
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  • Bellona is a non-profit organisation. The committee and its founders have committed to develop and maintain Bellona on purely volunteer basis
  • If you would like to donate financially to the maintenance of the platform, or donate your experties, or influencer affiliation, we'd be honoured and delighted
  • We appreciate your efforts and input into developing a generation of strong, independant, and unified women
  • Thank you
South African Rand (ZAR)

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Become a Bellona Ambassador
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  • Do you share our values? We are all for co-creation
  • Endorse the cause on where you go
  • Involve us in your online community and engage in a conversation that is bigger than ourselves
  • Share your community and enjoy growing together with out African Sorority

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Join the app
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  • Free membership options offering valuable content: access to podcats, community, blog, and networking
  • Premium membership for mentorship platform. Get linked to a mentor in your industry and begin one-on-one career development
  • Free 2 month trial for any user interested in receiving mentoship
  • We're here to unite a Network of Winning Women, and a build us an African Sorirty.

Join the App

Don't let us go! We're launching in April 2021.

We're working hard behind the scenes to create the Bellona app which will bring us all together and activate an empowerment movement.
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