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Bellona is a powerful female network that is geared towards women empowerment across Africa. We are here to equip young women with the toolset they require to advance their careers, and shift the narrative.



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An African Sorority in the making.

Who we are

The Bellona App seeks to create a learning environment for all women across the African continent, promoting the rhetoric of equal opportunity for ALL women.

Different women across a plethora of disciplines will share experiences, insights and advice on having goals, progressing and achieving in environments that remain heavily male dominated.

The app will interact with various established networks for women empowerment across the continent.

Our focus

Bellona is positioned as a ‘one stop shop’ for anything and everything related to female empowerment.
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We are here to shift the narrative for women in their respective industries. To breach the gap and equip our women with the necessary skills to become industry leaders.

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'You needn't attend the conference': Bellona is designed to connect women across geographical borders and bring the knowledge to your fingertips.

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We are in pursuit to combat stigmas surrounding feminism; regenerate perceptions, and promote the right for gender equality.

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Difficult Conversations

We are here to tackle the difficult conversations and bring transparency to the table.

Our Partners

Bellona Partnerships
Generation Equality
Global Affairs Canada
Gender Links
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Free & Premium subscription options

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Personalised insight from female leaders worldwide

Send in your questions & we'll have them answered in our podcasts

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What does feminism look like for Africa

Tailored to grassroot matters

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